We created a new site-specific pavilion with sculptures called Ángel Yōkai Atā (Angel Spirit House) for Helsinki Biennial. Helsinki Biennial 2023, New directions May emerge, is the second edition of the Biennial and is curated by the amazing Joasia Krysa, thank you for your faith in us and encouraging us to explore a completely new facet of our practice!

The title translates as ‘ángel’ in Spanish and English, ‘spirit’ in Japanese and ‘house’ in Teneek, the language of the Huasteca people of Mexico. This Angel Spirit House Is a home for spirits from our speculative future and the spirits are an offering to the island. When encountering Ángel Yōkai Atā, we invite visitors to just be. The concept can be captured by a mantra we created:

‘A spirit is not just a spiritual thing, it is everything and to be a student of the invisible is the practice of compassion. Omoiyari.’

The Spirit House will be on view at Kuninkaansaari islands in Helsinki until 17 September 2023 and has been presented in Wallpaper, Ocula, The Arts Newspaper, Artnet News & Casa Brutus.

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