So pleased to have been been listed as an NFT artist to watch by Maria Paula Fernandez in Forbes! The article details our latest web 3.0 project, Wisdoms for Neknel, Thank you so much for writing about us, Maria.

Wisdoms for Neknel is our ongoing NFT project and community in collaboration with Daata and artists obso1337. Wisdoms for Neknel’s origins began with us thinking about how to create a currency that is inherently philosophical, with the intention that tools such as money, could be adapted through the blockchain. It led to us creating a speculative world where WISDOM is a currency. In our world the only way one can collect items that are not already free is through the process of generating and sharing wisdom. Wisdom in Neknel is generated first through seeds; talks with amazing thinkers and luminaries such as Mindy Seu, Penny Rafferty and Ruth Catlow, Wade Wallerstein, Helen Pritchard, Eileen Isagon Skyers and Yasaman Sheri. These conversations are then fed to an ai that generates our own in-game wisdom currency. This takes the form of wisdom vessels which can be harvested and used as an in-game currency inside our world.

Visit Neknel here!

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